Friday, October 22, 2010

My Note to the PBS Board Re: Juan Williams

To: Jonathan C. Abbott; Benjamin Godley; David Bernstein; Melinda J. Braithwaite; Margaret Drain; Jeanne M. Hopkins; Joseph M. Igoe; Susan L. Kantrowitz; Winifred Lenihan; Vinay Mehra; Lance W. Ozier; Jamie Parker; Russell J. Peotter; Alexis Fife Rapo; Marita Rivero; Brigid W. Sullivan; and Suzanne Zellner.

RE: Firing Juan Williams

I am grieved, bad. Juan Williams should have never been fired. He's a good liberal in the lions' den of conservatism--that's more than many at WGBH can say. In the movie "Scent of a Woman" The blind Col. Frank Slade has to defend good-hearted innocent Charlie Simms before all the onlookers, before an accusing, petty entity, and before a diverse board of directors. In the end, Charlie wins and the people rejoice. Justice is done. Social justice has become a funny word these days, sometimes a warped word. I hope the board of directors takes 2 steps back and does the right thing. Trust me: Juan will make you proud and the people will respect you. I look at my kids and all their sesame street toys and videos. I am evaluating how much we listen to NPR while we farm (all day). At some point sticking up for what is right needs to be reevaluated. I'm almost at the point of explaining to my kids why "it's not good to watch sprout TV". One would rhetorically ask, "Should the kids pay for the adults’ mistakes and ignorance?" I would rhetorically respond, "Shouldn't the adults pay for the mistakes and ignorance to the kids?"
There are many alternatives to NPR; PBS; WGBH; Sprout; classical and jazz music these days. There wasn't when I was a kid, but there is now for my kids. Do the right thing and don't go the way of dinosaurs into extinction.
Thank you,


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