Friday, May 29, 2009


I have become interested in the differences between these 2 diagnosis. There are both a medical and legal connotations. One of these cats crossed my path and I'm glad the relationship was short lived. It has been learned this person had done damage in other communities and I'm sure the person will do it in other communities too. Scary. I asked, "Is the person 'socio' or 'psycho' path?"
The lines are shady but it seems the socio path is in less control of himself where as the psycho appears more orderly. The sociopath would tend to get caught at his malfeasance where the psychopath is a bit smarter, but still unaware to his own faults. I'm learning he/she blames everyone for his/her own problems yet justifies his own guilt. Yow! The ethics are always self-serving. Ultimately because of his disorders both of the "paths" cannot be successful. He can only blame loved ones and society for his failures. I guess these trapped people go snap, crackle, pop when the awareness hits that, "Maybe it's me". I think when that realization hits it's a crossroad to hurting destructive behavior. The destruction can go in any direction. I wonder if before they hurt themselves or others if they can find surrender to Christ and therapy. Is wholeness possible for the socio/psychopath? Of course we all say yes, but has there been success for whole living for him?

Here is an explanation from :

Even those professionals that identify a difference note that the traits of the psychopath and sociopath are largely similar. Both psychopaths and sociopaths have a complete disregard for the feelings and rights of others. This often surfaces by age 15 and may be accompanied by cruelty to animals. These traits are distinct and repetitive, creating a pattern of misbehavior that goes beyond normal adolescent mischief.
Both the psychopath and sociopath fail to feel remorse or guilt. They appear to lack a
conscience and are completely self-serving.

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