Friday, February 20, 2009

Stimulus Package

What got us into this financial disaster in the first place? Well one of the first places I can think of are these easy-credit, house scandals. We chucked money at people and lenders who had no business buying high-dollar homes. The mortgage rates were screwy and people signing the contracts had no idea what they were signing or the ramifications of actually paying that money back.

Another problem is a credit problem. Average Americans, and even college kids, became too debt heavy. Kids live of school loans and credit cards. Once they get married, they realize a difficult reality, "You have to pay that money back!" A welfare mentality is not just in "the hood" but in the suburbs, on Wall Street, and in the Beltway too.

We are at a financial crossroad, so what do we do? Feed the monster.

Obama, Pelosi, and Reed are given a Trillion dollar credit limit to "stimulate" the economy. The audacity to even ask for such a credit limit during these times, and especially knowing how we got into these times. A "Trillion" dollar credit limit can buy Microsoft, Walmart, Pepsi, Coke, and Google, with cash to buy some other mega-goodies! Who is going to pay the balance? My kids and their kids. Maybe our kids will just declare bankruptcy which is just saying uncle to socialism/communism. I wish we could just cut the cards and find other ways.

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