Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love the Cable Guy!

I like TV; no, I love TV. I love my TIVO too. You can watch what you want, when you want, and get right to the point. I must say too, I prefer cable over satellite. What’s nice about cable is you can juice the wires any way you want. You can’t do that with satellite. In NY we had Time Warner Cable and Road Runner Internet. We never had a problem. With the DVR we could tape two shows at once and watch another; very cool. We moved to CA and wanted to have Time Warner/Road Runner again. I asked the cable guy to put some holes in the wall that even a novice like me could do. He got all sassy telling me how much extra money it would cost. Basically he pouted. I asked him to leave and we have had Dish Network for over 2 years now.

Time Warner called me up offering a $33/$33/$33 deal for cable/internet/phone. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and because I juiced up the house with wires myself; I was willing to endure that pouty, sassy cable person. To my elation, I got a new guy with an upbeat attitude. He wasn’t a schmoozer but was a serious guy who took the tour around my house and told me everything I wanted was not only possible but made sense—WOW! He went above and beyond and did all the wire work through our tiny little attic. What a great guy. No wires! I pecked out a quick thank-you note to him and the company. Here’s why I prefer my cable over satellite:

They were very nice over the phone and threw in a bunch of freebies. The cost was better than satellite. No long term commitments; I can just cancel. Theoretically, I can tape two shows at once and watch two others with PIP (picture in picture). I can pipe my cable to any room in the house (including garage and back patio). Satellite allows only four. The best thing was the service. I have never had sales people and service people be so kind to me. For me, the service from the waiter in a restaurant is more important than the food or prices. Same with TV. For Time Warner/Road Runner, the prices got me, but the service will keep me.
Thanks TW/RR. I wish you all the success in the world!

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