Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes, They Can

It’s difficult to explain the joy and elation I feel as an American to truly say “anyone can become president of the United States”. It doesn’t erase the stain on our country to the harsh, inhumane treatment of Africans and many Native Americans, but it does open the door for young people of any color to say “I can be president”. My hope is that the pessimistic outlook of many youth will be lifted today and they can seize the opportunities of a Democratic, Represented Republic.

It’s a glorious, sentimental time. I appreciate the hopeful cadence in Obama’s voice. I’m smitten with George and Laura’s humble class as they hand over power. Even Bruce Springsteen’s raspy voice makes me feel patriotically nostalgic. It’s all good. This may sound odd, but what gave me a moment of hopeful serenity is seeing young Jenna and Barbara Bush giving a White House tour for Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. That made it all real for me.

This is the first day for our President’s journey. Let’s pray for him and his family. It’s bitter-sweet for us Americans. We pray 4 years for each leader. Other Christians need to pray a lifetime for their country’s kings or dictators. No matter what political bent, let’s pray for the Obama’s. May God bless them and America; and may we Americans be a blessing too.

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