Tuesday, January 6, 2009

PRW Anointing PE-BO

Seems like President Elect Obama will have Pastor Rick Warren give the invocation at his inauguration. The far left and far right are in a lather. I had a good, initial reaction to it. I was worried the sky would fall when Barak Obama came into office. It is exciting to have a black president; I’m just lamenting he has among the most liberal records in the Senate. For me the Warren prayer was just a small bone he could throw to guys like me. I now wonder if he actually can walk among both sides of the aisle; (that’s kind of easy when you have majorities in the both branches).

He is catching flack for Warren but is sticking to his guns. It's an easy decision to stick to though--good for him. I'm more surprised how much he ran on “change” yet pads his administration with dinosaurific, Clinton-machine leftovers. Hillary??? Leon Panetta???? Gimmee a break. Yeah, m-hm, that's change. T'will be an interesting 4 (8?) years. But hey, thanks President Elect Obama for an evangelical invocation. I look forward to bigger bones chucked my way throughout this long, arduous hidden-tax-filled presidency. Call me an optimist. :-)

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