Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's been unconsciously bothering me?

Something has not been right and I couldn’t put my finger on it until just this second– 24!
We real 24 fans call that period between the end of the 24 series in May until the beginning of the 24 season in January “Hibernation”. Hibernation is waiting until that next 24-hour period to see Jack Bauer stop a terrorist plot against the US while simultaneously battling deadly, federal bureaucracies and battling his own internal moral ethics—ahhh, just the thought gives me shivers!

Like an alcoholics’ self-awareness, we 24 addicts need to take that first step: “Recognize the Problem”. If you’re a real 24 fan, you may not know it but something “ain’t right”. Embrace that feeling; your patriotism runs deep like the millions of men who joined the military in the 40’s and went to war stopping emerging evil empires. Recognizing the problem is the first step. Since I have; I feel better and am more self-aware.

The writer’s strike is over. Keifer Sutherland has paid restitution for his DWI, and 24 will be back on. This hibernation period may be lengthened, but soon we’ll be back on schedule. Season 7 Day 7 is destined to be a stone-groove, and you can bet your last dollar it will deliver! Hang in their baby, January is coming.


Dee said...

LOL :-))), Yah, I miss 24. I re-watched seasons 1 & 4 recently because I own both of them on DVD. Good stuff!!

Chip said...

We like a lot of the reality shows but nothing gives us a thrill and chill like 24. I still hate Nina, that awful backstabbing spy. I have a hobby of holding grudges against fictitious charactors. Maybe I will get a DVD fix too. Bless you Dee.