Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thanking God for BO

Confession Time.

I said the other night how elated I was to see a black candidate for president. My sense was that moment of my historic nostalgia would last until only midnight. Well, this is my second day. I am feeling even more emotional than I thought. Let me be clear—Obama is a class “A” liberal and needs to be defeated. I just wish McCain weren’t so flip-floppy and listless. *Sigh*

I must confess too. my patriotic nostalgia has not only kicked-in but my resentment also has. Hillary Clinton’s classless obstinacy is nauseating. I know these people have no shame. I wonder, is it possible for the "heroic" Clintons to be shamed within their own democratic party? They “lead’ by trial-balloons. She is feeling the tide of the wind and will probably turn this awful, awful negative act of her raining on Obama’s/America’s parade into a positive. But even if she does, and comes out smelling like a teflon-rose, know this is just a mini-stench of what the Clinton’s Nixon-like arrogance would have been if they were allowed back in the White House. [
Thank God BO is black—racial prejudice in America is healing. Thank God BO is BO and not HC.

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