Tuesday, June 3, 2008

McCain's VP?

Kay Bailey Hutchison

I love this gal. Folks have kicked around possible GOP VP names like Romney, Huckabee, Crist, and the like. Whatever.

If BO doesn’t pick Clinton, if I were JM, I would grab KBH. She is Margaret-Thatcheresqe and may just siphon off some of those Hillary women votes. JM can’t show his hand until BO does.
KBH is a solid conservative. She brings a calming presence to the ticket. I would rather have her or Condoleezza Rice as President over JM any day.

Any thoughts on my girl Kay Bailey Hutchison.


Ted said...

After watching both McCain's and Obama's speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

Dee said...

She's okay but I'm not thrilled with her. If we are going with a woman I would much rather have Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. She is younger and just as conservative.

Chip said...

Ted, Dee,and Riv,
Thanx for the info. You made a believer out of me. I have a my eye on Palin (anyway she can run and make McCain her chief of staff?