Monday, June 9, 2008

The High Cost of Saving ANWR

Where the heck have I been? Why have I not ever heard of Raymond S. Kraft, a retired attorney and gifted writer from northern California? He makes tons of sense. Read this article on The High Cost of Saving ANWR. Raymond seems to think we are being held hostage by liberal congressmen’s constituencies who don’t want ANWR touched at all, even at the cost of our national interests. There is more to drilling in ANWR than meets the eye. Kraft hates seeing us pay $130 a barrel to OPEC countries who hate us. We export $700 billion dollars a day to Middle Eastern countries. Hugo Chavez gets a nice chunk of that too. But we are outsourcing job, jobs that could be here in America. Kraft belives by drilling in Alaska and offshore again, we could hypothetically lower our low unemployment rate from 5% to 0%! People could actually stop collecting unemployment and welfare.

Think of it: once we begin drilling, the prices will come down. Countries will begin competing for our business. It’s a matter of opening 2,000 acres of the 19,049,236 area of land (that’s 2 commas, as in ‘millions’).

Let’s not let Algorish-type senators stop our country from flourishing. Do not vote for a selfish, self-destructive liberal this year. Pretty soon they will try to protect the corn fields from being harvested. Using our natural resources in America keeps our money and jobs here; it helps stop terrorist countries from getting crazy rich; it brings down unemployment.

Thank you Raymond S. Kraft. Keep writing.


Dee said...

I'm doing my whole radio show tomorrow on Oil & Gas issues. I just printed this article off and put it in my stack of stuff. Thanks!!!

Chip said...

Google this cat; he's a good writer.