Sunday, June 1, 2008

Abortion rights can lead to misogyny?

Can the affects from classical feminists’ stern stances actually cause misogyny and femicide? Say it ain’t so!
It be so.

Carol Colleen Campbell of Saint Louis Today writes an excellent piece entitled The bitter irony of sex-selective abortion.”

Here's an insightful quote:
"The study does not mean that most Asian-Americans practice sex selection, of course. What the numbers do suggest is that this ultimate form of misogyny can happen in any culture that fails to defend the intrinsic dignity of every human life.

Sadly, most American feminist leaders have remained silent in the face of this modern atrocity. Their refusal to brook any limits on abortion rights has led to one of the bitterest ironies of our post-feminist age: that the abortion license touted as the key to liberating future generations of women would become the preferred means of eradicating them."

Wow! The very thing for which they will not bend is the very thing used to eradicate their kind. Read the whole article, it’s something to think about.

Speaking of which, homosexuals are insistent that people are born gay. If that is true, and I’m not saying it is, what would happen if scientist could discover if a fetus has a propensity to become gay? What if people started having abortions to prevent that from happening? Would feminists and lesbians begin campaigning against homoinfanticide?

You may say, “Hah! That’s preposterous; there is no such thing as ‘homoinfanticide’!” If there were, would your abortion ethic change?

If a third of our baby girls/women were being aborted because of gender, would your abortion ethic change? Yes? That’s not just situation ethics but selfish-situation ethics. Rethink abortion.

Carol Colleen Campbell, I don’t know what your ideological position is, but thanks for a well-thought article.


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