Saturday, June 7, 2008

Abortion failed! Baby is fine!

Welcome to the world baby Finley Crampton of England!Mama Jodie Percival and husband Bill decided to abort the 8-week old after learning he would probably have kidney trouble. The abortion DIDN'T TAKE!!!! And guess what; the parent aren't suing but are rejoicing--look at that handsome, dapper kid!
Kerry and I are 11-weeks pregnant. We had our baby's 1st sonogram at 8-weeks; he was the cutest, little tadpole I had ever seen. You should've heard that little heart beating at 185 bpm!
Ladies and gentleman: read Finley's story and reconsider abortion.
Doctors: stop aborting and choose life. You will be blessed because of it and so will your 3 patients--the mom, the dad, and the baby.


Dee said...

Well said and great post!!

Chip said...

TY Dee.
We are ending our 1st trimester.
chip jr. is 2" long and weighs a 1/2 ounce (the size of a lime); all of his organs are present;reflexes are developing; and brain synapsis are forming furiously. Next week he will have fingerprints.

Life is good. :-)

Bob said...

Thank you for this post, Chip. You have much in common with my pastor, whose blog is Reflections of a Jazz Theologian.

Dee said...

You know, I just got done watching the show Army Wives. One of the women on the show had a high position in the army and was on the fast track. She wanted to terminate the pregnancy but in the end she didn't. It was an emotional show, they show her and her husband hearing the heartbeat. I can't imagine hearing the heartbeat, seeing a sonogram or knowing anything that I know today about unborn babies and beginning to fathom how one could take that innocent life. No matter what the circumstance.

By the way Congratulations on your little one. What an exciting time for both of you!!

Chip said...

Thanx sis. God is very good. My 3 year-old sang with the worship team during the final song. I was so proud. It's a song called "Father God" (I will sing your praises). It was the best father's day I ever had!
Pray for us here in CA. Tomorrow the gay marriages begin. We are in a pickle indeed. Hope to catch your show tomorrow.