Saturday, May 24, 2008

Polygamy, Gay Marriage, Kids, and Ethics

Why is polygamy illegal? In California we just made same-sex marriages legal. Then why can't someone marry multiple partners? Why can't a group of people who love each other, and are hurting no one, marry one another? What if there were a minor among that group, let’s say a post-pubescent 12 ½ year old? If she had her mother’s consent, couldn't she be allowed to marry in the group, even if her mother we part of that group?

Now, you may say, “Ick!; that’s ridiculous!” Is it?

How do we justify same-sex legal marriages, and how do we say “no” to the aforementioned group-marriage? How do we justify one and deny the other? At what point do we or can we say “no”?


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