Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nine out of 10 caribou support drilling

I remember reading this article by Ann Coulter. It made so much sense to me then, and even more sense today. We are “shell”ing out 4 bucks a gallon for gas while feeding terrorist countries our money. They must be thanking Alah for our liberal politicians.

How do we get prices down? Tax American oil distributors with hefty jacked-up corporate tax? Ease tariffs for Middle Eastern countries? Let the Americans pay dearly and force US to ride bikes and use mass transportation?

No. Increase production.

If we begin drilling in our own country; If we lower taxes; If we stop putting all this crap in the gas causing us to lose mileage per gallon, then the Oil Lords will lower prices to get us to buy their stuff. (Can a 3rd grader figure this out?)

Read Ann’s article written 6 years ago. Nine out of 10 caribou support drilling. We need to start drilling and producing, get back to prospering, and weaken the stronghold on these Islamic countries. I believe it is a matter of national security. Russia and China would probably agree too.

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