Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Junk Email!!!!!!!

Folks, I was getting about 20 pieces of junk Email a day. Oh, there are E-stores I like; you probably use them too. Though they're so tempting to "read later", and multiply like paper junk mail in the junk draw, I discovered a little line on the bottom of each Email that looks something like this:

We hope you enjoyed receiving this email, but if you no longer wish to receive our emails please click here.

Use those "unsubscribe" links. It will cut down your Email by a kabillion percent. I am a bibliophile and even opted out of Barnes&Nobel and! I'm off Huckabee's list. Every I-flowershop I have bought from is no longer sending me foolish adds. I was even getting junk Email from Honey Nuts Cheerios! (I think they sent me a sample once).

Liberate Thyself!

Say "NO!" to SPAM!

Now, if I could just get little-old-ladies from sending me forwards I will totally be free. Sometimes I get 4 of the same corny joke from the same Sunday school group from my church. At least they love me and use Email.

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