Sunday, May 25, 2008

Join A.A.

For all you irrational State Representatives putting special interest groups ahead of national and international security; for those who think drilling in a small section of tundra-like wasteland would harm the environment, when it would actually help it, there is help for you:
A.A. -- ANWR Anonymous.

NY Rep. James Walsh can be your sponsor. When you have that urge to hug a tree; pray to false gods; and put the needs of other countries (who want us all dead) ahead of our own American interests, you can call Rep. Walsh who will talk sense to you before you blather out all that New Age crap on helpless constituants. There is hope and help too.

Look at Walsh’s testimony from The Syracuse Post-Standard

After opposing oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for years, Rep. James Walsh is changing his position.
Walsh said today he will support any new proposals to open the Alaskan refuge to oil exploration, despite the long-held objections of environmental groups and many members of Congress.
He said the prospect of $4 per gallon gasoline, and surging world demand for oil, persuaded him to change his mind
"I've always taken the position that we should retain that oil in reserve," Walsh said. "As long as it's in the ground we can use it in the event of an emergency. And I think what is happening today constitutes an energy emergency. I think we need to go, in an environmentally sensitive way, to take that oil out."

It’s “One Day at a Time” -- A.A. can help you. You first have to admit you have a problem with putting your own interests and interests of evil people in front of your American brothers and sisters needs.

Join ANWR Anonymous today. You can help oil production flow; actually help the environment; and help the interests of America.

Make the call today: 1-800-No2-LIBS

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