Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hillary for VP?

Great quote from Dick Morris:
"It would be an act of terminal insanity for Barack Obama to name Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential candidate. It would not help him get elected, it would drag all the Clinton controversies into the general election, and having her down the hall in the West Wing would be a recipe for disaster, dissension and civil war. Other than that, it’s a hell of an idea!"

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Timothy said...

I thought it would be wise, because you would get both the Hillary and Obama supporters together. But then again, you would scare 3/4 of the country and that is a GOOD thing!

Dee said...

Obama would also have to get food and drink tasters to make sure he wasn't poisoned. He would be insane to maker her VP.

Chip said...

I shiver just thinking about Clinton's in the white house. That's a nixon-like administrative train-wreck just waiting to happen.

You're right miss dee; if BO picks HC as a running mate, he bess grow eyes on the back of his head!