Monday, May 19, 2008

Congratulations Whitney!!!!

We are so pleased she won. America's Next Top Model didn’t go for the unrealistic stick-girls but went for a full-figured model—Go Tyra and ANTM!!! I wouldn’t call Whitney “Rubenesque” and prefer folks wouldn’t refer to her as plus-sized—she’s still a tad boney in my book; I am thankful they went with a less anorexic-binge&purge-looking girl. I hope this is a foot in the door for the husky girls. Today’s supermodels are not the picture of health for American girls. And though they think they’re all that and a bag-of-chips, some of us guys don’t find the Auschwitz look attractive. It will be interesting to follow Whitney’s career to see how many gigs she gets and to see if more average sized women are afforded opportunity.

Look out world—size 5 girls are now able to stand in front of the camera!

Again, Congratulations Whitney!!!!

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