Friday, May 16, 2008

Battle of the Davids

American Idol -- 08
I want David Cook to win on Wednesday.

He's new and different. I can't remember anyone like him in Rock & Roll history.

He owns songs. The other idol-wannabees either do second-rate performances of great performers, or they try to make it their own and botch the whole thing up (see Jason doing "I Shot the Sheriff" Bob Marley style).

He's humble. Remember Melinda Doolittle last year? When she received compliments, she would act all surprised? David Archuleta? He is "blown away" when he is called "safe" by Ryan Seacrest. Melinda and David A. seem to feign humility. When David Cook received his standing ovation and props from Simon, I believed his tears. When he does poorly he takes it like a man.

David Cook is living a dream; and may I say an "American" dream. It is American Idol, not Australian or Irish Idol. David Archuleta seems to have been groomed a star in the same way Lindsay Lohan was. Our boy David Cook is a bartender who played once in a while in the tavern. He's a modern-day American Cinderella story. We love Horatio Alger, rags-to-riches stories (see waitress Kelly Clarkson) .

He won't win, but he's no number 2! (see Clay Akin) The sad fact is teenyboppers are the ones who by records, not us old folks (my youth group would snicker saying we don't even 'buy' 'records', we 'download' 'ITunes'!") I may buy 1 or 2 records a year--these kids do the same weekly. I have never voted for an idol; these kids do it several times a week. David Archuleta may win the votes, but I will buy one of David Cook's records and would even pay the same $7 dollars I paid to see my first Peter Frampton rock concert in the 70's.

I think David Cook will be the best thing AI has produced since its founding.

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