Thursday, April 10, 2008

Not for Hillary makes you "misogynistic"

Says fundraiser Sir Elton John.
Can't I just not like who this Hillary Clinton person is, what this person does, and what this person professes--rather than what gender this person is? Can't I not worry about a person's gender and race but judge them according to what they do and say--doesn't my view demonstrate liberalism and Dr. Kings dream at it finest?

Somebody help me understand the logic here. chip.


Anonymous said...

So according to Elton John would I be considered a woman-hater because I am not voting for Shrillary? That would mean I hated myself and I certainly don't hate me.

Anonymous said...

John actually "some" people who didn't vote for Clinton because of her gender. See Rush Limbaugh's comments on how awful it would be to watch her grow old before our eyes. Did he say that about Obama, Bush, Kerry, etc.? The answer is NO.
The comment this time is true. Just as there was some who did not not vote for Obama because of his skin color. To deny this is simply naive.