Thursday, March 20, 2008

BO on Imus

From Fox:

Barack Obama had been a presidential candidate for more than a year before he outright repudiated his long-time pastor for racially charged, anti-U.S. sermons. But when talk show host Don Imus was in hot water 11 months ago for racially insensitive comments, Obama was the first candidate to call for his

BO on Imus Story

Though I thought the "white-grandma" comment was brilliant on the part of Obama to demonstrate his familial devotion and loyalty to "racist" Wright, it has occurred to me and some that Barack is only willing to throw whites including his grandma under the bus of shame.
I mentioned I really like BO. I'm not so sure now. He embarrassed his own grandma and condemned a shock-jock yet is unwilling to speak against Rev. Wright, Minister Lewis Farrakhan, and ilky others. Forgive me if I forgot the mathematical formula to why African Americans can't be racially prejudice. But as far as my voice can speak to whom I say should be President of these great United States, I don't want an imbalanced leader. In short, I like the guy less. Barry needs to show a little more equality in his rhetoric of unity.

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