Thursday, February 14, 2008

Political Suicide

It is a difficult to think of McCain being the Republican nominee. I have had that awful, violent sickness that is going around. If you are a true-red republican, as I am, you are probably catching it too. What's making us so sick? The thought of that awful Kool-Aid we conservatives have to drink before we vote for McCain.

Every time I hear Republicans whom I respect call John McCain a "true conservative" I get shivers; Carl Rove of all people too! I am a true conservative and don’t sense the pugnacious maverick is conservative. Conservatives are worrying they have to sell their soul to vote for him. Their worries are valid.

The problem is the Kool-Aid; it’s moderately bland and often unapologetically blue! At least Jim Jones' Kool-Aid was red and they added sugar. John McCain is not even trying to pander to us on the right. He doesn't apologize for his sins against his party from the past. He doesn't even apologize toward his recent pre-Romney-drop-out campaign promises that don't reflect the views of Reaganite, Contract-with-America-type conservatives. We conservative Republicans don’t trust him. If his Kool-Aid doesn’t turn Republican Red and Conservative Sweet, I ain’t drinking it!

Ann Coulter said if John McCain gets the nomination she will campaign for Clinton. She jests Hillary has been stronger on the war on terror than McCain has. Brilliant! She makes a point with her subtle wit. McCain has been against the war efforts in many ways. Hillary has voted more correctly. Coulter smacks McCain where it hurts most with the military. Incidentally I just watched her get grilled by Hannity and Colmes for that position. She was asked what if Obama wins the Democratic nomination; would she campign for him? She quipped she “doesn’t know anything about Obama yet”. All she knows is he is for “hope”. She said “I'm against hope”. Hahhh!!!! Another jibe to the Libs, red and blue. Obama stands for nothing. But this is about McCain: If I am going to die for a candidate, I want my Kool-Aide red and I want it sweet! "John, if we are going to commit political suicide for one bad leader have the decency to lie to us--then maybe we might drink”.



Dee said...

As you know, if you've been paying attention to my blog I feel exactly the same way!!

Bob said...

Good for Ann Coulter. I'm against hope, too!