Friday, January 4, 2008

Making Music in Iowa

Last night was a doozy! I guess I am a nerd. I TIVO'd the news for 6 hours, but hey, no commercials!

Ron Paul: I don’t understand the appeal of this man. I have several friends who are good, solid evangelicals who say he is the only true “(I forgot the phrase)”. I suspect he has the backing to become an Independent and upset both democratic and republican applecarts.

John McCain: I am ascared of this guy. Even if he is a “republican”, he is so unpredictable. Historically, that ‘maverick’ nickname has not been a positive one for this active voter. His votes across party lines and for the good of America have often seemed self-serving. Call me an elephant, but I don’t forget. He may win NH; I hope he wins nothing else.

Dodd, Bidon, Richards: Makings of good Veeps. Richards may be the most appealing because of the Hispanic vote. LA Mayor Villaraigosa would have been before his Univision reporter scandals. I do like Bidon for some reasons. He’s good in the senate or a cabinet position.

Clinton: Gets the bronze. People don’t call it “the bronze”, but call it 3’rd--not good for someone with such name recognition. She has a great knack for turning negatives into positives. Even though she came in 3rd, she was praising her party like a mother hen for the great Iowa showing of democrats to the caucus. It seemed disingenuous. There were a bunch of old democratic dinosaurs standing behind her. Losing to Obama and Edwards was no boon. I respect the fact she went to Iowa. They are counting on women voting for her but I’m not sure they are counting on women to come out to vote against her.

Giuliani: Unlike Clinton, Rudy had no presence in Iowa and came in last. He spent his time in Florida. I don’t think this works well in the long haul. His past is too checkered and there is only so much juice he can run off from being a presence during America’s and NY’s 9-11. He comes off flippant at times. I recall an awful cell-call he took from his wife while talking to the NRA’s—not good. That Christmas add sitting on Santa’s lap was hideous. On top of that, not caring about Iowa hurt too. I think any democrat can beat him at this point.

Thompson: Came in too late. He looks tired and sounds listless. I’m not sure I would want him as a running mate.

Romney. A year ago I thought he was going to be the most electable Republican candidate. I thought too he needed to give a “Jack Kennedy speech” and say, “Just like Rome didn’t run America during JFK’s time, Salt Lake City won’t run Washington during my time.” He gave his ho-hum speech way too late. Huck grabbed the Evangelicals and Romney came across as a hating flip-flopper. He should have grabbed the Evangelicals while he had the opportunity.

Edwards: Wow! I was surprised. I was actually happy for him. I felt bad for him during the John Kerry bumblings. They should have switched roles. Being number 2 (chip snickers like a junior higher at this point) is actually a good thing from Iowa. His energy was awesome last night. He speaks like a lawyer in deliberations. He’s a motivator. His problem is he is a wealthy, wealthy man campaigning for the poor and middle class. It’s a tough sell. He doesn’t have the history like the Kennedy’s do. Bush Sr. ran a repulsive clip of Dukakis riding around in an army tank with a helmet on his head. Dukakis’ child-like grin on his face didn’t help. That killed him. The republicans have a slow motion clip of Edwards getting a $400 haircut. I can just see the background saying “does he really care about the poor?” It makes him look like a sissy too. Not even sure if he will get the woman vote.

Obama: I (politically, not ideologically) LOVE this guy! He reminds me of JFK. He’s different. He appeals to young people. He’s handsome. He has cute little kids who will be running around the White House. He offers a new era for not only hope but healing our country’s past sins. But as much as I love the man, he is very liberal. He won’t get my vote.

Huckabee: My guy and not because he is a Baptist preacher. Different from Romney, he did exactly what I had hoped. Anywhere there was a microphone, he talked about why this country is so great and why he would make the best president. My Republican friends, who don’t like him, state some minor issues of why they don’t trust him. The same arguments and more could be used about their favorites. I think he has the goods and I think I dig him. I actually think all the negative mud-slinging that may come from the left-leaning media about his being a preacher may help him and the dialogue. He has brass and that may be helpful from 8 years of Bush (whom I have liked too) As far as a running mate, let’s get through NH, SC, FL and Super Tuesday first.

Let’s get readddddyyyyyyy to Rumble!

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