Monday, January 28, 2008

Kennedy3 Endorsement

Merriam Webster--magnetism 2: an ability to attract or charm.

I questioned whether Obama’s magnetism or Clinton’s machine could win in a political brawl. My last comment to Obama was “Nice knowing ya pal”, but not so fast Chip, you never know; magnetism, like magnetic attraction has appeal. People can reject machines. I couldn’t give away my old Sony Walkman even if it were in a new package. People want something new but it has to have the flavor of the old; that’s what the kennedys bring to Obama.

Let me get it out loud and clear: Barak Obama is a class A liberal. I wouldn’t vote for him. Having said that, there is much to comment on his campaign and to what he resonates with Americans.

His speech in South Carolina was dynamite! He inspired all age groups, both genders, all colors, both parties. He created a big tent even for Republicans to enter. That was masterful. Bill Clinton and other political yappers have been dissing Obama on Hillary’s behalf. Clinton’s negative spin machine is kicked high gear but Obama’s positive magnetism has also kicked way up.

Today the Kennedy’s endorsed Obama. This is big on many levels. Young Patches Kennedy from RI introduces Caroline, who never endorses anybody, and she endorsed Uncle Teddy of Massachusetts. Ted is a machine himself similar to the Clintons. Even beyond that, we have to think what these 3 people represent:

1) Powerful wonderbread people affirming a black candidate. Oprah was nice but the Clinton’s have been saying under the radar “America isn’t ready for a black president". White Kennedys say “you’re wrong”.
2) Sure, South Carolina voted for him, but what about the liberal, New England elite? Kennedys trump Clintons.
3) Mass is a big state with many delegates. One less big hoop to jump through.
4) The Kennedys with one voice endorsing Obama connects the past too. Both Obama and the Clintons have have painted him as an MLK type, but the Kennedys have painted him as a Kennedy type. Clinton referenced herself as an LBJ to MLK, but the Kennedys have alluded to Obama being a JFK to MLK—Brilliant!
5) To me each Kennedy is not just one voice of endorsement but represent others:

i. Ted—The old guard. Most of those kids and their parents celebrating at the Kennedy endorsement weren’t old enough to remember Jack. Kennedy, the most powerful member in the Senate and brother of JFK and RFK, endorsing Barak as a Senator and as a man speaks volumes. Kennedy is beloved by the unions, especially Hispanic/Latino unions. That is a major demographic stronghold for Clinton; not any more.

ii. Caroline—She never endorses anybody but did for BO. She not only has the Oprah factor but is white. She is a white woman. She is a white, Kennedywoman. Her father died for civil rights and her presence says “My dad would smile at this day" speaks volumes. Let’s not forget Hillary’s unlikablility factor. Female CK is good for the woman vote.

iii. Patrick Kennedy—As liberal as he is, people like him. I am a RI’er. Patches wins by going to the retirement centers and let’s elderly people pinch his check. He’s an icon for youth. His endorsement helps give the young Kennedys a face too. Caroline was just coverd on AARP. Patrick still has gusto. His presence shows Obama is for the younger generation.

I said “nice knowing ya pal” to Obama a few weeks ago, but I’m not so sure now. The Clinton Machine is powerful but the Kennedy3 endorsement changes things. It will be interesting to see what the Clintons’ next move will be. Obama’s chance of survival are looking better, I’d just get a wine taster if I were he.

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