Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's My Turn!

Carnage still surrounds the Clinton machine. Fair fighting is not in their playbook. Carnage followed their administrational footprints—literal and figurative. Any woman accusing Bill of sexual indiscretions was silenced. Activist feminists were silenced. They and much of the media, beside conservative dominated AM radio media at that time, refused to conduct investigative-style reporting seen in All the Presidents Men. Hillary stood by her man and believes it’s her turn(!).

But then there’s Obama. How will they handle this one?

It’s not Barak Obama’s turn, it’s Hillary’s(!). Aren’t the Clinton’s supposed to be modern-day Lincolns? A friend of the black people? Aren’t they supposed to raise up the oppressed? JFK’s for the new millennium? But Obama is in the way for her getting her agenda on the table. Who cares that he has a mysterious messianic presence like MLK, JFK, and Bobby(!). It’s her turn(!). She, Bill, and all their dinosauric conspirators know the stakes for their getting back into the White House. They had 8 years there and aren’t going to let that so-and-so ruin there chances. So what are they to do? Slander, slander, slander. Just like they setback feminism decades, they will setback racial reconciliation too. Do you think this is a fair fight between a good woman and a good, black man? No. She will make mincemeat out of him. The only problem is it can’t come from them but must come from others--especially black people. Expect constant references to Obama’s former drug experiments. Maybe pointing to his Muslim name (B. Hussein Obama). He is inexperienced. If things get really bad, folks, even the “blackest” Clinton-friendly people will claim “America isn’t ready for a Black-president”. Bill claimed he “didn’t inhale” and he was marching in Red Square during the Vietnam War. None of that will “whitewash” Obama like it did for Bill. They will point to his drug use, Muslim name, and ultimately, Clinton, the reputed “first black president” will paint Obama blacker than he is. After all, it’s her turn(!).

Let’s watch and see who comes out to speak against Obama. It can’t come from the Clintons because they might just be called “racist”. (And isn’t that label reserved only for Republicans?)

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