Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Clinton Machine VS the Obama Magnetism

I really thought Clinton was going to lose today. She is narrowly winning in NH as I type. She went ballistic in a debate the other night and had an Oprah/the View moment yesterday when she "showed her emotions". It was an academy award moment. It did humanize her a little. She almost looked like she was ready to cry. Rumor has it that the Clintons will be pulling in some of the old dinosaur campaign managers to help with the campaign. We can expect the campaign trail to be theatric and bloody.

Obama is being compared to a JFK or an MLK Jr. He has the electricity a candidate needs to stir up the party. Though I don't like the issues he stands for, it's good for America to have him run; what healing for US!

I just think the Clintons have a way of setting feminism and racial reconciliation back for their own political expedience. She and the Carvell/Begala machine will do anything to get her in, even if it means hurting innocent women as seen with Bill's scandals. Hurting people of color who get in the way of their ambitious clawings back into the White House isn't beyond them either.

It will be an interesting race between the Machine and the Magnetism. I sort of feel bad for Obama ahead of time. Nice knowing ya pal.

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