Thursday, November 8, 2007

Kerry's Take on Toy Recalls

These recalls make me very angry. I have always known products made in China or Taiwan are sub-standard, but this is way over the top! The Chinese-made toy Aqua Dots are coated a "Date Rape" drug and Wendy cribs pose strangulation threats to babies--this may be what it takes for Americans to wake up and stop buying "toxic-junk" for their families from China. The costs for Chinese products are more expensive than we think.

This recall calls for a serious response from the US. I believe the most effective action citizens can take is to seek out products proudly stamped "Made in the USA." Our family will buy American from now on. It may mean we buy less, but we will buy with confidence. I'll hope to come up with a list of American produced toys. Join me to protect our families and boost the American economy.

Have a Great Day and remember... buy American. Link to Safe Buying and Recalls

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