Monday, October 8, 2007

Thanks Tim, Mike, and Dee for this new pill.


Chip said...

I don't know how to write stuff near a video. I'm still learning. Thanks to these cats for posting and broadcating Tryphorgettin:


Dee said...

LOL :-) This is really good. I don't know if you heard but I played this on the radio show today!!

Mike's America said...

Chip: If you loaded the video directly to your blog from You Tube, you can go back and add text, links etc. in the normal way by editing the post.

I usually just copy the HTML for the You Tube player from the video's main page at You Tube and paste it into a new post in HTML mode (compose doesn't work).

P.S. Links taken from a Google sidebar like mine above containing numbers don't work to direct the viewer to the actual post. You have to copy the shortcut of the post link at the end of the actual post.

Sorry if you weren't looking for advice, but as you may have noticed, I've been very opinionated lately.

Now... the topic of your post: I believe that Sandy Berger has STILL not taken the lie detector test that is part of his plea deal. I do not understand why and nothing I have read has explained this. I don't know if the lie detector test would reveal what was on the documents Berger destroyed, but it should have been part of the plea deal that he reveal that information.

We know Hillary will surround herself with many of the same folks who refused to accept any responsibility for wrongdoing in the many, MANY scandals that were a regular feature of the previous Clinton Administration.

Hillary touts here "experience" as a qualification for President. But when I went back recently after a trip to Little Rock, Arkansas I was reminded that at the heart of every Clinton scandal was Hillary. Her fingerprints were on more than the missing Rose Law firm billing records.

Chip said...

Dee, that's why I gave you props.
Good show. Thou goeth, damsel!

Mike, desperate for advice.
I am up to my ears with stuff and can't go searching for past links. Have you ever listed or reviewed all the Clinton scandals? From the litany of "lying" women; china-gate; Buhdist Monks; selling secrets; Johnny Tree (sp?); File-gate; is-is responses; Rose Law Firm; travel-gate blahbitty-blah-bla (Ad infinitum).
Link a brother up if such a list exists. I need to brush up on Clinton Scandals 101. This will be a long year.
Thanx Professor Mike; send me your bill. :-)