Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Rosie's Memoir Lets It All Hang Out

"You know, this President invaded sovereign nation in defiance of the UN. He is basically a war criminal. Honestly. He should be a tried at The Hague." --Rosie O'Donnell

Here we go. The "Queen of Nice" has chronicled her stream of thought and lets us peer inside her dysfunction. Do I really want to hear about how abused she was as a child? Do I really want to hear how misunderstood she is as an adult? Do I really want to know how Parker was inseminated from whom and into whom? Do I really want to know why she is concerned about Parker's future if the evils of Conservative voices like mine aren't silenced? Instead of paying the 25 bucks, and instead of making Rosie wealthier, let's wait 6 months to a year and buy the book for 50 cents at the Dollar Store.


KerryKats said...

You know how much I dislike Rosie. That picture makes me cringe. Usually I refrain from commenting when I have nothing nice to say; this however is not the case when it comes to Rosie. I'm convinced she drank from Michael Moore's kool-aid and is a complete whack-job. I'm looking forward to the day she opts for the life of a recluse in some other country and I never have to hear her name or her obnoxious voice again. Queen of Nice? No way! She is the Queen of the Lunatics.

Dee said...

LOL :-) 50 cents at the dollar store is right!!

She has just become increasingly irrational over the years. Just recently she refused to go on Oprah to talk about her book. Do you know how many copies that alone would've sold for her?????? And then she canceled all her appearances to be interviewed for the book.

She seems to have become quite unhinged and seriously mentally ill. I don't know what to say except this is what extreme liberalism does to you. Her appearances on the View became more and more bizarre. I think her chances of reviving her career may be worse than poor Britney's. It is almost sad.

Chip said...

Kerry Kats and Dee,
Your prognostications may be true. She and Mike Moore would make good bed fellows, if..., well, never mind.

And yes Dee, Britney Spears may have a better chance to revive her career. I think Rosie is just a tad fruit loops. Glad she is not on our side because she doesn't make her side look good.