Sunday, October 7, 2007

Presidential Firsts

It occurred to me this '08 presidential election has the potential to be many “firsts”. JFK was the first Catholic, and if I recall, Reagan was the first divorced president.

Here are the potential candidates:

Hillary: First woman; first first lady to run.

Obama: First black (besides Bill Clinton); first Muslim.

Huckabee: First Baptist Minister (hip-hip hooray for our demographic!).

Giuliani: First Italian (hip-hip hooray again); first cross-dresser.

Ron Paul: First “closet democrat” running as a Republican.

McCain [Though unelectable, if he became the nominated republican]: First repeat of Bob Dole in 96 (avoided “thank you”)
Dennis Kucinich: First President every reporter had to Google to spell his name correctly for his first year in presidency. First president to have gotten physically beaten-up by both his vice president and chief of staff.

Fred Thompson (no; not the first actor): First grandpa-looking president to have a wife who looks like she could be on Baywatch
"Mrs. Thompson, I knew Barbara Bush, and you are no Barbara Bush!”
--Bill Clinton at the PFL (Potential First-Lady mixer).

John Edwards: First sitting president to have ever hosted The View.
2008 Will be an interesting year indeed. Any other "firsts"?

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