Monday, October 8, 2007

New Self-help

D.P.A. Democratic Pansies Anonymous
Thanks Robin for a great post: Chickenhawk Express: Who Is Running for President- John Edwards or the Missus?

That whole media charade of the Edwards' publicly announcing Elizabeth having cancer, and his continuing to move forward with her support, never sat right with me. I guess it was supposed to be like Adrienne telling Rocky to 'win' from her deathbed. Whatever. Liz Edward's new song: "He Is Woman; Hear Me Roar". Every time Liz defends John, she neuters and sissfies him more.. He's a handsome guy but I don't think women or gay men are attracted to a guy needing his wife to talk trash for him. It's just pandering to the wussy demographic. If some commy pointed a gun to my head making me vote democrat I suppose Edwards would be the last Dem I vote for. If it weren't for the hideous Hillary Cackle, he would be last! Even Hillary is more butch than he is. Shame.


DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

Great post Chip
If it weren�t for you being a Red Sox fan I'd say you�ve nailed it in every post.


Come visit again, You make lots of sense.

Chip said...

I actually dug your post but raised an eyebrow when I had seen that NY Yankee logo. Let's not be bitter; it's only baseball ;-) .
We should call a truce and route for the Red Sox for the sake of the East Coast.
Seriously, thanks for your wit and commitment to American values. Any conservative NY'er is ok in my book.
PS: remember when Hillary got boo'd by the NY cops and firefighters at that 9-11 Uniformed fundraiser? Is there any chance that may get some play this year? This election season may be more fun after all. c.

Bob said...

Oh my gosh, I did not know you are a Red Sox fan. I feel so badly for what the Colorado Rockies are going to do to your team in the World Series!

Oh, yeah, great post about Edwards. I agree!

Chip said...

Bob, bob, bob,

In order to post comments on C3, you must renounce your Colorado Rocky' ism and cross to the other side and become a Red Sox fan. You have 30 days to cease and desist from anything to do with Colorado and sport a red and blue hat with the letter 'B' on it.

Second thought, my wife said I need comments on my blog. You're welcome here anytime, even if you were a Yankee fan.