Friday, October 12, 2007

New Hampshire Primary: December 11th?

Jingle Bells; Jingle Bells; Jingle All the Way! (At least that's what Hillary is saying).

Do we realize the impact of these primary-date debates? Folks could be voting in early December. I get peeved when I see Christmas d├ęcor before Halloween. My 2 ½ year-old was oohing and ahhhing over the pretty trees in Kohl’s Department Store last Friday October 11th—“Bahh!” But a New Hampshire primary on December 11th? Are they crazy? I haven’t yet digested my Thanksgiving turkey. Never mind gone shopping for Christmas presents. I am the kind of guy running into a gas station at 11:55 PM Christmas Eve scrambling to buy my wife some windshield wipers and a case of air fresheners for Christmas because I procrastinated all year, and they want me to think about my ’08 election choice during the ’07 Christmas season—“humbug!”.

Apparently, this 16-term New Hampshire secretary of state, Bill Gardner, politically holds the same power a Greenspan used to hold with the financial market. Gardener must watch ever verb, split-infinitive, and dangling preposition because he holds much power to what some call “Blue Hampshire”.

This is indeed Good News for Hillary. They have manipulated her image well and if able to avoid that proverbial Howard Dean moment when he screeched like a hawk-in-heat, she may quietly snatch up the New Hampshire nomination like a, well…,er-uh well, a hawk-in-heat.

What does this mean for the GOP? More chaos and more scrambling and more in-fighting. The Democrats love it. Why do you think they hand out indictments like candy? They love to see us busy and they love to have that calm, slow talk like they are in control. And guess what guys…they are in control. They are in control of the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and just may get control of the primaries too, which ultimately helps them control the landscape of ’08.

My brethren to the religious right, I plead with you to vote the best candidate you can but support the ’08 nominee. Your pouting is only fueling a Christmas fire for a Democratic win in ’08. If you think your right-leaning voice is not heard now, just wait for what happens when Dems dominate the Beltway. New Hampshire’s motto is “Live Free or Die”—that phrase is ringing more true for me now more than ever.

Addendum: Mike the American posted a wave as a comment. Parents and pet owners are forewarned to have small children and pets leave the room before playing. Eating is highly not recommended while playing this recording. C3 is not responsible for other bloggers' recordings on the comment section, nor any personal injury to C3 readers as result from listening to comments. Barf bags are recommended.


Mike's America said...

You reminded me of that famous "Shrillary" audio:

Chip said...

Mike! Don't do that! My wife and I were eating KFC when we played that and almost coughed up a chicken wing when we heard that shrill!
Next time, a little warning please.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Chip's Church Chat,

We are sorry for terrorizing your country. We will stop if you get that shrillish woman to stop talking. They are playing it over and over to our political and religious allies at Guantanamo Bay and they are selling us out in droves. Stop the torture--we surrender.

Muhammad Obama Hussain
Western Region Sleeper Cell Coordinator