Sunday, October 14, 2007

How to Win

Eli Lake has a good piece in the NY Sun entitled How to Win. The author compares Hillary’s strategy to Rudy’s need to placate extremes. Eli is correct.
Hillary is doing a good job distancing herself from the “hope-we-lose-the-war” crowd; she knows she isn’t getting those 1,500 measly votes from San Francisco. At the same time she doesn’t teeter too far to the right to upset the faction. She does a good job of dissing Bush while still seeming strong on defense. Lake maintains Giuliani should take the same approach as Clinton, only he needs to cuddle up to the anti-abortion crowd while not upsetting his base, the fiscal conservatives and the patriotic Red, White, and Blue “NASCAR” crowd—those still transformed since 9-11.

Eli Lake is right (correct). Rudy needs to talk to me and my constituency. I would LOVE to see an Italian American win the presidency, but at the same time I too want a pro-life candidate like my evangelical comrades and staunch catholic friends want. Lake believes Rudy should chuck an olive branch to Pat Robertson’s posse and clarify his strong moral values. She doesn’t think he would lose votes in the general election, but would rather gain them from his background and backbone. She’s right.

I don’t love Rudy, I like him. I must admit, I’m starting to love Huckabee (even loving his name, “Huckabee”). But if Rudy came out swinging at everyone and made the case that he would be the only candidate to make abortion rare, we radical rights would jump all over him and support his bad-self. Hillary can’t make the case for making abortion rare, but Rudy can. C’mon root; throw us a bone and we, the GOP’s knuckle-dragging, religious anti-abortion crowd will pour the anointing oil over your receding hair. Promise to make abortion rare and we might just vote for you in the primaries (in just a few months!).
What do the rest of you primates think?


Bob said...

He already does brag about how he encouraged adoptions, and how he personally believes abortions should be discouraged. I think you'v alrady got exactly what you are asking for. He promises to appoint strict constructionists. He is your man!

Chip said...

I'm almost there Bob. He just needs to turn up the heat a little. I think he needs to act like he's ordering a juicy steak at Sizzler and keep publicly repeating "Very Rare".