Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hillary in Denver: Big Head Todd and promises of change

"Clinton made promises: She would withdraw the troops from Iraq, create millions of jobs in renewable energy by taking $50 billion in tax subsidies away from Big Oil, create universal pre-kindergarten, forgive more student loans and open up the congressional health care plan to all Americans.” --Chris Barge, Rocky Mountain News

The story: Denver Story

Senator Mrs. Bill Clinton met with Colorado residents and promised the world:

1. Pull the troops out of the Middle East.
2. Create new jobs with renewable energy.
3. Pay for it by punishing big oil.
4. Forced nursery school—12th grade now becomes 14th grade.
5. Scrap student loan agreements.
6. Universal Health Care.

1) Pulling out of Iraq: After this she could never go to war with an Islamic Country. The US would become demoralized. A big move like this could neuterize her as a president. The terrorists will terrorize any hopes of a continued democracy in Iraq. Any hopes of a solid US base in the Fertile Crescent would be diminished. Clinton would have to grovel to the UN to come against an Islamic country. Based on all what the democrats have said about Bush and the US Military, the UN would never take her seriously. Going against the UN, declaring any kind of war on her own, would not be supported by the world, her own anti-war-rhetoric party, would never be supported by conservatives on the other side of the aisle.

2/3) New jobs with renewable energy/punishing big oil: Does this gal know what it takes to produce one gallon of fuel? I am all for publicly investing and creating private incentives for renewable energy. Libs like her hate local oil and utility companies. They think there out to screw Americans. Research what it takes to produce that gallon of gas and then research what it takes to produce that Avian bottled water—compare it. These guys work hard to keep gas prices down and they fight the libs everyday. Now take away there help to keep gas prices from skyrocketing the way it has in other countries and fork over that help to renewable private companies and you have gas lines and prices making the Carter years look like the Happy Days. There are better ways to get cheaper gas, explore new fuel forms, and to discourage terrorist states from prospering. As the youth of today would say, “Hillary sucks”.

4) Universal Pre-K: Outrageous. It’s catering to the NEA. Teachers don’t need bigger bureaucracies but need better ones. Kids need to be kids. Kerry and I are leery of sending our 2 ½ year old to public school. Homeschoolers and private schooled kids are showing greater understanding and practical application of stuff taught. Putting 3 and 4 year-olds on the bus is millions and millions of dollars. It’s bad for them, bad for unqualified, poutty teachers, and wicked costly. It a small step toward socialism.

5) Scrapping student loan agreements: These agreements were made and need to be honored. <--notice the period.

6) Universal Health Care: Speaking of a small step toward socialism (#4), this is a big step toward communism. Basically her will is everybody being miserable equally. This will be the biggest public bureaucracy in history and the government will hire the staff, manage the care, be in charge of morale and keep it stocked and clean. I do not want to pay through the nose for a DMV-style hospital. Government staff IRS guys collecting insurance premiums, government staff doing surgery and managing care, and government staff-infections—I say “no thanks” to these “bread lines”.

Hillary has ideas, but as she recently said, “we can’t afford them

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Bob said...

Chris Barge is one of the most thorough reporters on the Rocky Mountain News. He covers the child welfare beat.