Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Halloween--the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

5 things I like about Halloween:

1) Kids get to dress up. I love when kids come to my door. I ooh and ahh over them all.

2) Everyone likes dressing up and getting candy. I don’t get upset when I see kids who are almost adults trick or treating. More power to them.

3) Everyone’s out and about. This is the one night per year when it’s ok to mingle outdoors with dad, moms, and kids. Any other time, people raise an eyebrow if you even say “hi”.

4) I like the creativity and imagination. Despite the paganistic backdrop, I appreciate the way families decorate. Some put their hearts and souls into creating a cool environment and being hospitable. For that reason alone I wish everyday were like Halloween.

5) Candy. I like giving kids candy and seeing them smile. In this day and age it’s the one day we can do it without ending up in a squad car.

5 things I don’t like about Halloween:

1) It can be scary. Some people bring out the dark side a little too much. Some go crazy with mischief. Some use this time to hurt others instead of being kind.

2) Pagan backgrounds. Some of those rituals are still practiced today. As a man of the cloth, I can’t condone such practices (even though they’re cute).

3) Its proximity too close to All Saints Day and Reformation Sunday.

4) The day reminds me of leaves. Growing up we had an acre of land and I had to rake up that beautiful New England foliage. Looks nice on a postcard and it was I who had to pick those up. I like living in Southern California—No Leaves!

5) It reminds me winter is near. RI gets cold in October. Some call it “sweater weather”; I called it “yucky” weather. Again, S. CA—no winter.

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kodiak73 said...

I agree, despite its origins it really is a fun holiday that is about giving and is one of the few times that we get out and meet our neighbors in our neighborhood. Its a shame that there are some who make it unsafe and try and ruin it for everyone but there will always be that element out there. Despite having a son that is allergic to peanuts we always go trick or treating and then trade him safe candy for his peanut containing stuff.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.