Monday, October 8, 2007

GOP Lawmakers Blast Hillary Clinton for Taking Advice From Sandy Berger

"He stole documents, classified documents, from the National Archives, destroyed them, lied about what he did (and) is not the kind of adviser that you would want surrounding a candidate for president of the United States. I think it’s a bad decision."
-- Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas

There has been oodles of yakity-yak from some on the evangelical-right who believe pulling their support from a non-pro-life candidate would be a good punishment and teach the GOP a good, holy lesson. (check out the comments on poor Dee’s thread Conservatism With Heart: My Talk With Sean Hannity!!#links) They rant that, “if they aren’t taken seriously as a factor in the election consideration process, they will give GOP a Democrat. Maybe next time those red ties will take us social conservatives serious”. I think that’s the logic.

But check out this piece from Fox News:,2933,300005,00.html

Yes, this is ‘the’ Sandy Burglar who was Bill Clinton’s Security Advisor (those who know his recent crimes are laughing at the irony!) and who during the 9-11 commission shoved documents down his pants. Even John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, had the fortitude to dump him from his campaign! “But Hillary?”; not so. She has the cojones to make him part of her campaign! Folks, there are no scruples in this political machine.

I don’t want 4-8 years of this. I don’t want to see another Waco; another 9-11; no stories of the goings-on in the “Lincoln bedroom”. I don’t like hearing about who commits suicide by shooting themselves in the back of the head. I don’t want to see the pointing of the finger at cameras bombasting, “I want you to listen to me very close—I did not have sex with that woman…”. I don’t want to hear about vast Right Wing conspiracies. Guys: I just can’t take the strutting, the surrounding of willing accomplices in the media, and for goodness sake, I can’t take that Hillary cackle. It’s like fingernails scratching a blackboard, which could, by the way, be a good alternative to water boarding).

To me, the audacity of Sandy Burglar working for the Senator First Lady’s presidential campaign foreshadows what could come if the GOP remains a house divided against itself. These are tough times even without the tissy-fits from pro-life martyrs. Many top secret files were photocopied during the Clinton era and Larry Flint adds to those files everyday. They got junk on everyone. Why do you think good, clean Republicans get so scared to run or speak up?

I plead with my pastoral colleagues and Christian brothers and sisters on my right side: “Don’t punish the GOP in ‘08”. To paraphrase Dr. Dre, "When you dis the GOP you dis yourself" Vote the best of the candidates in the primaries (anyone you want--that's a message!), support who is chosen, and as for a good, anti-abortion candidate, let’s begin thinking whom we may groom for 2012. I will stand with you all with that attitude. But know I can not, will not, not vote. It would be like allowing a bad guy to get through airport security to teach the FFA a lesson that their screening process is bad. Not prudent at any juncture. I do take not voting or 3rd party crap seriously and view supporting the GOP candidate as “foiling a plot”.

No Burglars!


Timothy said...

Hi Chip,
Thanks for the good blog, the link in the sidebar, and the mention below. :)
Many blessings and keep up the good blogging.

Dee said...

You asked in my comment thread about who my favorites are. I have been pretty open about it in the past but maybe it was before you started reading my blog. These are my 3 favorites:
1) Fred Thompson

2) If any of the 2nd tier candidates could have a shot I wish it would be Duncan Hunter, really like him

3) Rudy--If this were anyone else to be honest I wouldn't give a pro-choice candidate the time of day but there is something very real and honest about Rudy. Because of that I really feel that I can trust him and I trust him the most on the war on terror. I obviously have huge issues with him on social issues, especially abortion but because of the supreme court justices that he would pick I could handle it.

I do not like Romney or Huckabee personally although there is really nothing wrong with them. I so dislike Romney (partly because of some things I know about him from a friend that personally knows him) that if I had to pick between Rudy and Romney in the primaries I would probably pick Rudy.

Romney bragged about being more pro-choice and pro-gay marriage than Ted Kennedy just about 5 years ago in a senate debate so I don't trust his changes. At least Rudy is honest about where he is at. I think Romney would say whatever we want to hear to get elected so that makes me distrust what he would do as president.

That said, I would vote for any Republican candidate with the exception of Ron Paul if they were up against a Democrat.

Chip said...

You have a great chat going on. Seems to be settling though. I am interested in hearing whom all those folks would support. I just wonder if there is a common thread or is it indeed an impasse needing to be reconciled.
Funny, you seem like a Huckabee type of gal. I am so undecided with all the insipid candidates but it's the hand we're dealt.

I tell ya, for any high school/college kid wanting a good career/calling to help lead this country, GOP politics is the way to go. We are desperate for good people with vision and brass to rally around.

Dee said...

I couldn't agree more about needing good kids to head into politics. I am grooming my kids to at least be politically aware and involved in the culture. There is a homeschool program that we did last year where we went to Jefferson City (Missouri's capitol) to learn about how things work politically:

Also, I have always had a gut check problem with Huckabee but the more I learn about him the more I'm not impressed.

My 2 top dream picks that I wish were running are JC Watts and Jeb Bush:

Chip said...

Can you put your finger on why you're so reserved about Huckabee? You have your finger on the pulse of the political climate; like so many of us, I'm still vacillating on whom might be the best candidate.

Bob said...

Chip, This was an eloquent post. Thanks for coming by my blog. I will link to you, as I have Dee and Mike.

KerryKats said...

Chip, I too am uncertain as to why Huckabee isn't gaining support -- especially from Evangelicals. What is it that others are seeing or hearing that I am missing???

Chip said...

Thanx B,
I barely feel worthy to be among great Americans like Dee and Mike. God Bless the USA!

Chip said...


I missed that JC Watts comment when I read it. He would be a great candidate.

Larry Flint and the Clinton machine must have something on him. I don't like dirty politics but know they exist. I wish every Republican who has been threatened by guys in dark trench coats holding old Emails and photographs would start a support group and unload all their baggage at once and begin talking about the issues. The Dems are plucking off the GOP 1 by 1 and we are fighting and shooting are own. When will we learn? Jeb???? Looks like a dynasty but I'll take him any day over the riffraff on the other side.


Mike's America said...

I wish Dee would go into more detail about Huckabee. I was very impressed with his performance in this weeks debate but then some folks commented that he was not so strong on the immigration issue.

I'm looking forward to meeting Huckabee and all (the candidates (already met Rudy and Hunter) when they come down to SC.

Dee said...

Chip and Mike:
I was just thinking today of doing a post on what exactly it is about Huckabee that I don't like.

The problem is I don't necessarily want to sabotage him because I don't put him in the same camp as say: McCain, Tancredo and Ron Paul whom I strongly despise.

Dee said...

As for Jeb Bush he could've ran this time if his last name just wasn't Bush. Its a shame!!

I looooooooove JC Watts.

Chip said...

Same thought on Jeb. Wish his name was Jeb Smith. As for Huckabee, I kinda figured you were easy on him for that reason. To me he is one of the better ones with only a few flaw, better than the worse with many flaws. As we have been saying for weeks, I'll take our worst over their better!

Take it ez on my boy Huck. I'm still hoping he comes out swinging at everything that moves, but with moving the primaries back, not sure if that is a reasonable wish.