Monday, October 15, 2007

Crosby and Nash on Hardball

Is this a joke? Is Matthews a real journalist (political commentator) or has he just lost his balance with the populace.

He has Crosby and Nash (of Crosby Stills, and Nash and sometimes “Y”) on to talk about an upcoming peace rally and how bad Bush is. After the serious political anti-war discussion, Matthews has a Larry Craig promo. Are our minds supposed to subliminally calculate:

"Crosby=good music and Crosby is against Bush. Is Larry Craig finished tap-dancing in men’s bathrooms? Hey, I got it: democrats good; GOP bad--Epiphany!"

Sorry. I only had one ah-hah moment: "Chris Matthews is a hack". This is supposed to be the “moderate” cable news station? Isn’t Fox to the right and CNN to the left? MSNBC is neither moderate, nor left but are indeed hacks. C’mon—Crosby and Nash? Is he serious? Bring on Garfunkel to talk about health care and maybe have Ringo Star speak on behalf of amnesty for immigrants. Crosby…isn’t that Melissa Etheridge’s inseminator? Yeah, I’m going to listen to him about geopolitics and protecting democracy. Mathews is good for one thing—getting laughs for Darrel Hammond on Saturday Night Live.

I haven’t watched MSNBC in a while. I don’t dig Shepherd Smith on Fox and decided to switch the channel. I’m going back to Shep.

Do I dare give Keith Oberman a try?

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Bob said...

I doubt if you will find Olbermann sane. You don't think MSNBC is to the left? Maybe you should try Olbermann.