Friday, October 12, 2007

Clinton-gate Lexicon

Eureka! I finally found it. A glossary for all the Clinton scandals.
They got them all! This is all *free!

* "Free" meaning not personally costing you anything because it's on the web,. In the long run, it will cost you and the country a bundle. Our soul is at stake; to be unaware of these "gates" is expensive, not "free".

Add: Check out Mike's tour of Scandal Land. He visited the very sites where these historical blotches happened. Now that I am becoming hipp to these scandals, his post makes more sense. This stuff is serious folks; check it out Mike's America.


Chip said...

I was looking up Johnny Trie and found this quick reference guide. Now I remember why they called Bubba the "teflon kid".

Mike's America said...

You mean Johnny Chung or Charlie Trie? There are so many odd Chinese people running throughout Clinton scandals.

I started my tour of Little Rock that I took last month at Charlie Trie's Chinese Restaurant and traced a number of the scandals by visiting the locations:

And throughout all this, the fingerprints of Hillary Clinton. Especially chilling is the recollection of Juanita Broaddrick.

Hillary has never, EVER taken any personal responsibility for ANY of the Clinton scandals and her role. And the Clinton Library has a area dedicated to how Newt Gingrich, Ken Starr and the Republicans were the real culprits.

Dee said...

I will do a comprehensive post once she gets the nomination but I've already collected quite a bit of stuff that needs to be posted now.

Chip said...

I look forward to it sis.

Chip said...

And mike, I look forward visiting your "tour" on your blog. Though a dark, permanent stain on our country's history, it is history. The Clinton historical revisionists try to dye our country the same color as the stains. They think this will help our outlook on their past and their hopes for a political future. Voice like ours is a reality check for America. We know the Clinton years were corrupt and embarrassing and the US' and the Clinton's future will not make good medicine.

You and Dee are the salt of the earth and great Americans.