Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christian Conservatives Consider Third-Party Effort

“if the Republican Party nominates a pro-abortion candidate we will consider running a third party candidate.” --Written resolution by Christian Political Conservatives

A third candidate promoted by the Theo-right is a real possibility. Dr. Dobson and others aren't playing. They are actually miffed to the idea of Republicans nominating a pro-choice Giuliani or Romney. I don’t blame them. I am leery too. But to create a Perot’esque, 3rd Part candidate is not the answer. That’s how we inherited Bill, Hillary, and Algore in the first place. I love Dr. Dobson and support just about everything that comes from his program. If Dr, Dobson and religious, conservative leaders truly know something about Mike Huckabee making him unelectable, then they should choose the lesser of 13 democratic and republican evils. We and they should just pick a candidate, stop whining, and start working toward 2012. It will be here faster than we know.
A third independent candidate is a disaster. It hurt George H. Bush with Perot. It hurt Kerry’s momentum with Nader. It will not help a Republican candidate in ’08.

Let's support a candidate and not even think of a 3rd party prospect. ("please").


Dee said...

I too love Dobson, I consider him to be one of my most important spiritual and political mentors. He is the reason I decided to homeschool and get involved in politics.

Yet, he made me mad for the 1st time recently by rejecting Fred Thompson. Now with this 3rd party talk I am just beside myself. I am going to be calling Focus tomorrow to express my disappointment and frustration with the thought of him going down this path.

If he does support a 3rd party I will hold him partially responsible for Hillary becoming President because thats what will happen. You don't abandon the Republicans because you don't have the "perfect" candidate. Any of the Republican candidates would be far better than Hillary with the exception of Ron Paul.

When you go down the "all or nothing" path you get NOTHING!! I am planning on posting on this as well.

KerryKats said...

Dr. Dobson holds a special place in my heart for all he does for American families and ministry families. Because I do value his opinion, I am not able to dismiss what he says or feels. He is not above making mistakes, but I need to weigh out what he has said. I understand where he is coming. As an average Evangelical Christian, Mom, I find myself in agreement but need more time to consider his positions and pleadings.