Friday, October 12, 2007

Are Social Conservatives Really Punishing Others?

Oh dear. Does anyone see the poetic irony in the theo-right's sabotaging the '08 elections for issues of abortion?!?! Will Planned Parenthood get any steam from democratic-run Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government? We're talking the possibility of Nancy Pelosi...(hello???), Ruth Buzzy Ginsburg....(hi there?????), and Shrillary Rodham Clinton (whoever called her that, thanx!)....(oh yeah--Check Please!!!).

My dear colleagues to the Right, I implore you, please do not follow through with falling on your sword for the sake of a pouty statement.
  • Vote the Best candidate you can in '07.
  • Vote the GOP nominated Candidate in '08.
  • Groom the best candidate you can in '12

We conservative Christians tend to see everything as black and white. Surely we can find a decent candidate to present in 2012. Until then we should get off our high horses, stop threatening to flush this country down the toilet, and begin "preaching good news" for 2012. We blew it. Let's not blame fiscal conservatives for our theological and political slumber.

Stop the Irony
Your Vote Saves Lives.
Love, a staunch pro-life pastor.


Bob said...

Very, very well put!

Mike's America said...

"Are Social Conservatives Really Punishing Others?"

Clearly they are punishing themselves by standing aside and refusing to do everything they can to stop the election of Hillary.

Hopefully, they will see sense in the next year and realize that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate, but that Hillary in the White House, combined with Pelosi and Reid running Congress would be an abomination.

From the exchange at Dee's blog on this subject I sadly conclude that a number of our Christian friends are determined to vote solely on a very narrow view on a single issue (abortion) and simply will ignore every common sense reason to rethink their position.