Sunday, October 7, 2007

All truth comes from...Salt Lake City?

Romney increases overtures to disenchanted evangelicals

"Dr. Dobson is keeping an open mind on Mitt Romney, and I think that is because they do share in common so many values…[Dobson and Romney] may not agree on theology, but they share in common values like protecting the sanctity of life"
--Eric Fehrnstrom Romney spokesman

Michael Kranish of the Boston Globe summarizes well the “Evangelical Right” dilemma in the GOP. Theo-conservatives Dr. James Dobson and Richard Land seem to be leaning slightly toward Mitt Romney. In previous posts I reflected my affinity for the gubernatorially, “Massachusetts-tested” Romney but I believe he needs to reconcile his religion before typical conservative Christians like me consider casting our lots to him. Land eloquently encourages Romney to follow JFK’s 1960 stance to not take orders from the Pope. JFK publicly said “no” to Rome: Romney needs to publicly say “no” to Salt Lake City. Land believes Romney "can close that deal”, but will he? At the risk of being redundant, I love, love, love Huckabee but think Romney is the most electable Republican among the elephant parade.

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