Thursday, October 18, 2007

$2,000,000 -- Just for hate-mail

This is classic Rush. There was a recent attempt by a group of senetors to smear and silence Rush Limbaugh. Senetor Majority Leader Harry Reid and 40-something senetors wrote a nasty letter to the EIB's parent affiliate Clear Channel Communications to make Rush shut up.

What does Rush do? You guessed it; your boy auctions that original letter off on Ebay! All proceeds will help the Marines and he will match whatever comes in from his own pocket! To quote one of my favorite James Brown songs, "Papa Don't Take No Mess!".

I have a link to the letter --> The Letter Check it out.

Notice the names on it and the tone. Aren't these people the ones who scream the loudest "freedom of speech"?

To boot, Rush brought in this letter handcuffed to his bodyguard named "Stalin" (that alone is funny enough!), and the kicker is it was held in a genuine Halliburton briefcase. Way to rub their noses in it Rushy!

2 Million bucks and still 10 hours to go--that exceeds my credit limit. Will the Dems take it on the chin or consider it a slap in the face and go down swinging?


Bob said...

I love Rush.

Dee said...

Ditto Bob's comments and this was all so delicious. I found an awesome cartoon about Harry Reid and all of this that I'll have to post in the near future: