Sunday, September 16, 2007

Transgender pastor's new test of faith

"She's a man, baby!"
— Austin "Danger" Powers
What is this world coming too? The Welcoming and Affirming crowd say there is no slippery-slope. Where does it end? At what point does the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists say "no"? These are the United Methodists, but Baptists are heading in the same direction ( I worry the church is turning into a giant social club and not the beautiful bride presented to Christ. "Check please".
From the Chicago Trib: "A United Methodist council's decision on whether to accept him could have political implications too. ... The Rev. Drew Phoenix, formerly the Rev. Ann Gordon, at St. John’s of Baltimore City. The Judicial Council will take up his case next month, deciding whether the church should accept transgender pastors."

The story, "baby" (I can't get out of character and ended up reading the article in Austin Power's voice. If I had no life, I would do it with Dr. Evil's voice; hmmm...):

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