Monday, September 17, 2007

World War IV?

“Those critics who insist that it is only a small war-party faction of the Islamists that we have to fear might have been asked a generation ago if it was not merely a small number of Germans and Russians we were properly exercised about. Sixty million people were dead after that misreckoning.” --William F. Buckley Jr.

Excellent Opinion:

My boy has still got it! Bucky F. Buck warns us radical Islam is nothing to be ignored nor appeased. He believes they have as great potential to be evil as Nazi Germany was. He makes a good point. I wish theologians and evangelists were discussing the illogical if Muslim ideology--not just radical Muslims but “peaceful” ones too. While the ABCUSA and like-minded “peaceful” groups seek unity and understanding for what they have in common with other religions, they should stand up for their faith and be lovingly candid about differences. If they stand up, instead of lying down, they may win souls, raise-up a reformer in the Mediterranean world, and may get some respect instead of being labeled "religious patsies".

King Solomon was a good, wise man. If he could, he would probably plead with religious pacifists to “Stop marrying foreign woman”. Solomon’s multiple marriages to women of other religions was a symbol of diversity, allowed sexual freedom, and yes, shook up family values. It did however destroyed the fabric of Israeli society causing Israel to split up until about 50 years ago! Thinking back to some liberal seminary professors, they thought that was just fine. Hmmm...I think those professors are getting what they want: a destruction of an over-religious, patriarchal, monarchal society. Conversely speaking Professor Pat, I think what the Islamic world wants, as the they attempt to destroy the West, is far from what you dream as utopia. You think this society is oppresive?!?!

Buckley’s point is don’t appease—take these people seriously. My point, don’t appease, take yourself seriously.

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