Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pro-choicers call a day of prayer for Planned Parenthood

"The religious right believes that they have heard the voice of God, and they try to impose their hearing of it on the rest of us by law,..[B]ut there are many women of faith who have heard a different voice of God when they've prayed."
--Rev. Ana Levy-Lyons of Oak Park's Unity Temple

From Chicago Sun:,CST-NWS-aurora13.article
"Religious leaders who support abortion rights gathered Wednesday to call for a day of prayer this Sunday in support of Planned Parenthood's soon-to-open Aurora clinic."

I asked Lucifer D'Ahbilos to respond, he said, "It's about time people pray to me! Now worship me! Worship me! Mu-hah-ha-hah--hahhh!"

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