Friday, September 28, 2007

President Clinton

Januray '09
Close your eyes. It’s January 2009. Justice Roberts holds up the Bible, president elect Hillary Rodman Clinton is taking her oath for office. First lady Bill is biting his bottom lip with glee as he watches his wife receive her oath. “I, Hillary Rodman Clinton do solemnly swear to….”
Wake UP! That wasn’t a dream but a nightmare.

1) Are there any Republican candidates who could win the nomination that would cause you to either not vote or vote for Clinton?
2) What would you rather do besides sitting through 4 more years of Clintons in the White House?

Republicans—For me, Ron Paul. He is the only one I would sacrifice bunt for. I would rather see Clinton fail miserably than see Paul “win” at all. I dislike McCain with passion, but I would even want him in the White House more than Hill and Bill.

Rather Do—I would rather eat all the lint from my dryer for 4 years than see Hillary as president. Yes, lint, I would eat it with Life cereal and raisins.


Dee said...

LOL :-) I agree with you 100%!! As much as I despise McCain I would still vote for him over Hillary. As for Ron Paul thank God that isn't a viable possibility.

This is a good post because I fear that too many good Christian conservatives may sit out 2008 if they don't get their ideal candidate. And as Sean Hannity says, if you do that, it is half a vote for Hillary.

It is funny because my kids have presented several scenarios of what would be worse than Hillary being president and there isn't much!!

Dee said...

Also, thanks so much for your kind words about my radio show.

Chip said...

2nd thought, after seeing the newly posted video of Hillary cackling, I just might vote for Ron Paul over this guy.