Sunday, September 30, 2007

Justice Thomas Writes Autobiography

This was a “high-tech lynching not by bigots in white robes but by left-wing zealots draped in flowing sanctimony."
--Justice Clarence Thomas

The Story:

It’s about time; I have been waiting for this book to come out. Justice Thomas was borked big-time by friends on the other side of the isle. He claims they used “the age-old blunt instrument of accusing a black man of sexual misconduct”. Remember those hearings? Oh how it pained me to see poor Clarence on that hot seat grated by liberal democrats who claimed he sexually harassed Anita Hill 10 years earlier. (Remember too the word became pronounced “hah’-ressed” after those hearings instead of “her-‘assed”?)

I can’t wait to get my paws on this book. Like always, Republicans tend to be classy after the liberal ilk drags their names through the mud for political expedience. Wild horses finally dragged the truth from Clarence Thomas and I’m chomping-at-the-bit to read his story.

"Class", it’s such a rare commodity these days. New presidents rarely talk about there predecessors, and Ex-presidents rarely criticize newly elected officers. Contrast Reagan and the Bushes against Carter and the Clintons: The Bushes never say anything negative unless severely provoked, yet the Clintons mantra before taking office is, “Look what an idiot he is!” When they got in the White House they said, “It’s not my fault, look at everything I inherited!” After they leave they say, “Look at what a horrible job they are doing; I’m better.” Isn’t it sickening?!? George W. Bush on the other hand campaigns, “We just have a difference of opinion.” During the Presidency says, whether 9-11 or Katrina, “I take full responsibility for what happened.” After he leaves, I bet he will be like his dad and say, “I don’t want to comment on President ________’s decision, I stand with him/her and the U.S. 100%. Folks, Clarence Thomas is cut from the same mold.

I hope this book is written so well it exposes hearts and exposes the “Demo-playbook”. Class maybe a rare commodity but it is alive and well.

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Dee said...

I am a HUGE Clarence Thomas fan. I will be running out to buy this book and Ann's to be sure. I saw just a small portion of his interview on 60 minutes tonight and he is just so great.

It sickens me that there is still this perception that Thomas actually did harass Anita Hill. That line in "Jerry McGuire" where he says he doesn't want it to be a Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill thing as if that is actually fact. Ugh........