Friday, September 21, 2007

Is Hillary Gay?

This is an inappropriate question from the LGBT based magazine The Advocate. It's almost as appalling as the inappropriate query: How did Bill and Hillary meet? Answer: They dated the same girl in college.

C3 calls the Advocate to apologize to Hillary. It's inappropriate jokes like the previous one mentioned and questions like the Advocate asked making it more difficult for serious Democrats to take Hillary serious.


Mike's America said...

I think it's just a political ploy by the Clinton campaign to firm up support among gay activist democrats.

Her denying it won't bother them in the least. They only reserve their cry of "hypocrite" if it's Senator Craig or some other Republican.

Chip said...

That males sense Mike. It's win/win for Mrs. Clinton and the GLBT crowd.
By the way, John Edwards claims there are two Americas. I like yours better than his.

Incognito said...

Well if they can intimate that Condi is, why not Hillary.. although, I had heard once from a gay man who knew people who knew... Hillary does lean that way.. but frankly who cares. I aint voting for her anyway.