Friday, September 21, 2007

GOP Candidates Appeal to NRA for Support

"Our basic rights come from God, not from government."
--(surprisingly) Fred Thompson.

I must admit, I am torn. I am for our 2nd amendment right to bear arms. I don’t own a gun but reserve my right to. Own it not to shoot squirrels, but to protect myself from a tyrannical government and to protect my family.
Giuliani seems to be turning the corner on this issue. Whether for political expedience, or whether he truly has changed since the 9-11 attacks, I appreciate his being vocal on our gun rights. I don’t, however, trust the Maverick Sen. John McCain—never have, never will. I know I’m a man and shouldn’t talk about “feelings”, but I feel safe with Rudy and don’t with McCain (war medals be damned, I’m thinking about my 2 year-olds future!). McCain will open the Mexican border, appease the liberals, and showboat for a headline or sound bite. I fear the product of a McCain presidency will cause everyone to wish he had a gun. Giuliani isn’t my first or best choice, but I think at core he is a good guy. McCain doesn’t seem to be the same. Sadly, each GOP has his flaw. The question becomes, "Who can win the general election?" Any thoughts?


Dee said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your comment about Barry Manilow :-).

I agree with you 100% about McCain and Giuliani. I don't trust McCain AT ALL. I did a post awhile back dedicated to all the reasons why I WOULD NEVER EVER vote for him in the primary.

As for Rudy, like you, he is not my first or best choice but I trust him and he comes across as very real and honest. Also, on the 2 big issues (War on Terror and Strict Constructionist Judges) he has the right views and I believe he would protect this country and support awesome judges.

Like your blog, and added you to the blogroll. I also linked to you in today's post. Great find on the Pro-lifer Giuliani article.

Chip said...

Thanx Dee,
Your blog is a gem. I am new at this. I'm sure I will offend everyone, even my pastoral patriots. I'm coming to grips that I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to just let progressives slap around science, politicians, and the church around without speaking up and poking a little fun. Since you are a "BM" fan. you should make your blog jingle be "I Can't Smile Without You" because I can tell that's how your readers feel.
I lived in K.C., KS and miss it bad. My frou-frou CA wife complained with the humidity, she couldn't keep a decent hair-doo. CA is nice, but I left my heart in the KC hood where we lived. Thanx for the kind words and your way-cool blog; I'm taking notes. chip.

Chip said...

Incidentally, Rudy took a cell call from his wife during the NRA speech. This has happened before during other speeches. Whether it's staged because he thinks it's cute, or if it is an accident, I don't think that NRA crowd critiquing his every word is the forum to take a cell call. He�s running for President of the US, not prom king.

Me? Again, not my first choice; don't hate him; a tad put off by the discourteous cell call interruption. "Loose the phone Root".