Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why pro-lifers like Giuliani

“Giuliani makes the same arguments that we pro-lifers make, but he can be more persuasive because he will not be perceived as trying to advance his own religious preferences. By taking the side of pro-lifers for democratic, but not devout, motives, a President Giuliani could shake up the nearly 35-year-old debate over Roe v. Wade. A pro-life evangelical president like Mike Huckabee would preserve the status quo for the abortion debate. Giuliani, on the other hand, just might win it.”
--Eric Johnston
His article:

Eric Johnston, a graduate student in theology at Catholic University in Washington, believes Rudy Giuliani is prime Grade-A meat to be president. Johnston, a classic Catholic pro-lifer, thinks Giuliani can make better movements to defeat Roe v. Wade than candidates like Huckabee, Romney, and Thompson. Rudy maintains he “personally supports abortion rights, but opposes the constitutional logic of Roe v. Wade.” Johnston recalls Giuliani cleaning up NYC as mayor. Prior to Giuliani’s mayor post, NYC was an unsafe cesspool. He got rid of all the peepshows, gangsters, thugs, and smug-a-lugs. Even during the hubbub surrounding publicly desecrating the Virgin Mary’s image at an art show, Giuliani quietly cried out when artists are using public funds. You have to be sensitive to the public’s feelings—logical. Johnston feels abortion views doesn’t look personal to a “President” Giuliani as the issue does to Bush and others, and because he is a strict constitution constructionist, the abortion debate will be taken from Federal judicial fiat and given back to where many pro-lifers think they can win, at the grass roots level, the states.
Johnston…hmm….you make me think.
I wonder. I wonder if Giuliani were elected, would he champion the cause of unborn children. Would he buckle under the pressure from pro-choice militants? I just don’t know. Does he have the guts to bring this debate back to the states? This may all be moot. Would the Religious Right even vote for a “Giuliani”? Look at this from every angle. I think Romney is electable in the general election against any of the democratic candidates. I do wish Romeny would speak a little more about his religion.

“Giuliani being good for the pro-life agenda”; need to look at that one some more. Johnston, you have not yet convinced me.

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